De Asielzoekmachine (2016)

Not a day passes without news on the refugee crisis or the amount of people seeking asylum in The Netherlands. Everyone has an opinion about the situation of all these refugees, but do we really know how it works or how the system works? Because of all the procedures, organizations, rules, laws and exceptions, our policy became hard to understand.


De Asielzoekmachine (The Asylum Seekers Machine) is investigating Dutch policy on people seeking asylum in The Netherlands. How does our policy work? And how would we want it to work?


The project exist out of  a radio documentary for national radio (VPRO radio 1), an interactive web documentary, exhibitions, an educational program for school children, different panel discussions around the country and a tv documentary (EO 2DOC)


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De Asielzoekmachine trailer (in Dutch)



De Asielzoekmachine is a project by  Eefje Blankevoort (Prospektor) en Els van Driel, created by many others, such as: Dirk-Jan Visser, Laura Verduijn, Kummer & Herrman, Sara Kolster, Thijs Gadiot, Martijn Eerens, Femke Herregraven, Esther Gaarlandt, Matthea de Jong, Rebecca Simons, Reem Saouma and Jenny Smets.